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9大四六级写作万能模版模板1:描图类(1)如果题干提示写解释现象,即用这个模板。第一段:描图The picture captures a very special scene: ____________(描图图片). Simple as it is, what the picture conveys to us is thought-provoking. _____(图片寄义). 第二段:现象解释Strikingly, in contemporary society, this sort of phenomenon is becoming increasingly common and eye-catching. Two fundamental factors could account for this social phenomenon. First and foremost, this problem stems from ________(原因1名词). _______(详细论述). Moreover, this situation can be seen as a consequence of ________(原因2名词). _______(详细论述).第三段:提倡解决(如果以为长,两种解决方法选一种即可)The following ways can be adopted to advocate(好现象)/curb(坏现象) this social phenomenon. On the micro level, I believe it is every individual’s duty and it is high time that we should take action. Since my own voice is too weak to be heard, I hope the authority and mass media should be held accountable. Only by this means can we lead to a better life.模板2:描图类(2)如果题干提示写正反看法,即用这个模板。

第一段:描图The picture captures a very special scene: ____________(描图图片). Simple as it is, what the picture conveys to us is thought-provoking. _____(图片寄义).第二段:正反看法Opinions vary when it comes to _________(主题). Some argue that ________(正方看法). However, those who strongly oppose are not among the minority. They hold that _____(反方看法).第三段:小我私家看法Given the factors I have just outlined, it can be concluded that the question quite depends on personal choice. However, I am fully convinced that _______(自我看法).模板3:引言类第一段:引言_______(主题词) has captured numerous attentions from the general public, just as the saying goes “_______”(名言照抄). The saying denotes that _______(名言寄义). 第二段:现象解释Two fundamental factors could account for this principle. To begin with, _______(原因1+详细论述). Moreover, _______(原因2+详细论述). 第三段:小我私家看法Given the factors I have just outlined, it is advisable to _______ (总结). To the best of my knowledge, _______(揭晓自己看法).模板4:图表类第一段:图表The given table offers a glimpse of _____(图表主题). _________(图表内容). Simple as it is, this chart symbolically characterizes a status quo. 第二段:现象解释First and foremost, this problem stems from ________(原因1名词). _______(详细论述). Moreover, this situation can be seen as a consequence of ________(原因2名词). _______(详细论述).第三段:趋势说明Given the factors I have just outlined, it can be concluded that _______(总结). (如果好的趋势) As regards to this social tendency, I believe it is inspiring and positive. As this trend is still in its infancy, we believe it will no doubt go further and lead to future prospect.(如果坏的趋势) From my perspective, I realize this trend needs to be slowed down since it has already poses negative impact on our society.模板5:说明类说明文的整个思路可以归纳综合成:what – why– what题目:2014年06月四级Suppose a foreign friend of yours is going to visit your hometown/your campus/China, what is the most interesting place you would like to take him/her to see and why? 参考思路:第一段:写配景,引出主题(what)第一句:写大配景(切忌太长)China has witnessed a burgeoning economy in recent years. As a result, a growing number of foreigners visit China for their holidays. 第二句:引出主题(改写题目)If my foreign friend, Ken, visits my hometown, Hangzhou, I would like to take him to the West Lake, which earns a reputation for its beautiful scenery. 第二段:写原因(why)第一句:总体功效句枚举三句,大家可以借鉴。1. The reasons for my recommendation are as follows.2. There are two aspects concerning the importance of a tennis club.3. When it comes to the influence of robots on human beings, there are a number of consequences.第二句:原因1To begin with, _________.第三句:原因2Furthermore, _________.第三段:总结(what)All in all, _________.模板6:书信类题目:Write a letter to a friend of yours to recommend one of your favorite books and give your reasons for your recommendation.参考谜底:Dear Frank, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you doing? I am writing this letter for the purpose of recommending one of my favorite book series to you, Harry Potter.This book series consist of seven books. They tell a story of adventure about Harry potter and his friends fighting against the Dark Lord. The meaning of the book series, as far as I am concerned, is to tell us that love is powerful. Harry Potter is invincible because his mother Lily tried to save him by sacrificing her own life. In addition, the books are really exciting and cliff-hanging. The plots are well-designed, capturing my attention all along. I still remember how I read the last book of this series. I stayed in my house the whole day without eating anything. The story of Harry Potter is magical but logical.I hope you can enjoy the books. I am looking forward to your reply.Yours sincerely,Ken模板7:通知类(次重点,看下花样即可)题目:You are supposed to write for the Postgraduates’ Association a notice to recruit volunteers for an international conference on globalization. The notice should include the basic qualification for applicants and other information which you think is relevant.Do not sign your own name at the end of the notice. Use “Postgraduates’ Association” instead.参考谜底:Volunteers Needed January 9, 2010To improve students’ ability and enrich after-class/extracurricular activities, the Postgraduate Association in recruiting volunteers for an international conference on globalization to be held on December 9, 2010 in Beijing. To begin with, applicants should have Chinese nationality, a strong professional spirit, cheerful personality and be aged under 35. In addition, candidates must have outstanding skills at English listening. Finally, students with relevant professional experience are preferred. Those graduate students who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitors of their classes before February 1, 2010. Everybody is welcome to join in it. Postgraduate Association模板8:天龙八部简练版1. 形貌类经典句It is generally accepted that environmental protection plays an extremely important role in our lives. 2. 重视类经典句As the post-90’s generation, we should pay special attention to maintaining good health.3. 议论类经典句Opinions vary when it comes to whether we should control our desire for material.4. 效果类经典句It cannot be denied that economic growth exerts a great impact on our environment.5. 见证类经典句China has witnessed the great information explosion during the past several years.6. 使动类经典句The pursuit of materialism allows one to abandon his hope, give up his dream and indulge himself in the pleasure of the material world.7. 引出类经典句Children’s education has recently arisen as one of the essential problems.8. 趋势类经典句People in mounting numbers are paying much attention to how to process information effectively.模板9:万能配景适合在叙述看法前直接使用。1. With the reform and opening-up in recent decades in China, people’s living standard has been very much improved. 随着革新开放,人民的生活水平有显著提高。

2. With the development of economy and society, competition is increasingly fierce.随着经济和社会的生长,竞争越来越猛烈。3. It is well-known that we exist in a dynamic world with various difficulties. We can do nothing but face them. Attitude is the key point to take the first step.众所周知,我们生活在一个存在许多难题的动态的世界里,我们只能面临他们。态度是迈出第一步的关键点。

4. Smartphones have penetrated every aspect of daily life.智能手机已经渗透入日常生活的方方面面。5. With the accelerated pace of contemporary life, people’s work and life are increasingly stressful. 随着今世生活的节奏加速,人们的事情和生活压力越来越大。6. Resource exhaustion, environment degradation, and aging population constitute the three major national issues confronting human beings.资源耗尽,情况恶化,和老龄化人口组成了人类面临的三大问题。

7. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it. The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them. So having right values in life is very important for us, especially youngsters.生活的10%在于你如何缔造它,90%在于你如何接受它,生活的价值不在于天的长度,而在于我们的使用,因此具有正确的价值观很是重要,尤其对于年轻人。





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